These are your printables! Enjoy them and print as many times as you'd like - throughout your life! I just ask that you don't share the files, sell prints for profit, or alter in any way. 

First, I want to thank you for being here. I couldn't have done any of this without you- and I am so grateful. This was not my original plan, but I am beyond thankful that God has led me down this incredible path. Thank you!

My name is Kamie, I'm married to my best friend and I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children. Becoming an artist happened by accident, as I had never drawn before. Yet in 2016, I began sketching with pencils. Then, I found a drawing app for my phone. It was then that I sketched out my first official piece- "Christ holding an Infant." I shared it on Facebook- and my life changed forever.

People wanted to purchase it and wanted variations. They wanted a gifting experience that was unique, personal, and unlike flowers.  My sister taught me what "printables" were on Etsy- and it began. I spent the rest of that year researching, self-teaching, and pouring my heart and energy to developing artwork and my website.

Since 2016, my shop has grown. It found it's purpose- and I found mine. My mission for Pencil by Kamie started with and will always be the same. To help others through all their difficult stages of life. To provide To create art reminders that are minimal but feel powerful. To help you feel loved and understood. To remind you that you are never, ever alone. That's why my mission statement is, "Printable artwork that is personal and your kind of beautiful." 

I look back to 2016 and just feel humbled and overwhelmed with love. Thank you for sharing your homes with me. Thank you for sharing your most vulnerable stories with me. Thank you for your constant love and support. I am excited to continue this journey with my family- and with you.

Love, Kamie

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