Hello- and Welcome!

I am going to let you all in on a very personal part of Dilly Designs. (Okay- this could be a long story- but I will keep it short for the time being.)

I'm sure as all of you know- "Dilly Dilly" became quite popular when the new Cinderella came out. Cinderella was always my favorite movie as a kid, (and I am not ashamed to say as an adult, too), and I fell in love with the new movie just as much. This movie came out right after I "thought" I had a miscarriage- but was actually carrying my youngest, Avie. She surprised us at 18 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, but devastatingly decided to enter this world at 27 weeks gestation. There were many scary moments- and my husband and I had the hardest 6 months of our lives. We were juggling so much; visiting the NICU 45 minutes away, dealing with the uncertainty of her health, being parents to our two other young children, and working all the same to pay the bills.

When I was in the NICU, I would talk and hold her as much as I could to make up the many hours I couldn't be there. I had read that babies that were constantly talked too, had a faster recovery and survival rate. So I did just that- to see if I could help her in any way, even if it was small.

When I ran out of telling my little 2lb 8oz baby about my day, I would begin telling her about her brother and sister, daddy, grandma, etc . . . She was in the NICU for so long that there came a time I would repeat words to her over and over- and I eventually started singing lullabies. 

Randomly- I started singing the "Dilly Dilly" song to her, (I don't even know if that is what it is called.) I only knew the first two lines- but words flew out of me to make up the rest. She instantly calmed and her breathing stabilized when I sang the song- and I believe it is because the notes were soft, quiet, an consistent.

Still to this day, 18 months later, I sing her lullaby to her,(my version). I will share the words with you today- as they have a special meaning to my shop's name.


Dilly Dilly (Kamie and Avie's Version)

Lavenders blue, dilly dilly, lavenders green,

when I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen.

Lavenders green, dilly dilly, lavenders blue,

you must love me, dilly dilly, for I love you.

Come in my arms, dilly dilly, I'll hold you tight,

I'll keep you safe, dilly dilly, I'll hold you tight.

Even apart, dilly dilly, I do love you,

with my whole heart, dilly dilly, in my dreams too.

Please be strong, dilly dilly, please be brave,

this life's a gift, dilly dilly, and mine you saved.

Remember always, dilly dilly, how much you're loved,

family and I, dilly dilly, and from above.

I love you, dilly dilly, I love you.

I love you, dilly dilly, always true.

There was a day when I created my Christ Holding a Baby print, (reminiscing of Avie's trials), and it was that print that launched my etsy business- and is still one of my best sellers. 

So- this shop happened because of my baby, Avie. So the name had to have my little miracle in it, too.