• Tell Your Story

    We all have a story - and a lot of mine is told through my art. I have so many personal pieces hung in my home that bring comfort, joy, and conversations.

    I want to help you tell your story- and create art that can be personalized and is unique to you.

    If you have a dream creation, question, or comment - feel free and leave them below, or email me at kamie@dillydesignsart.com

    Love, Kamie

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  • Free Gift For Mother's Day

    I am looking for 3 incredible women to give one of these prints too. My mission is to help, serve, and lift up others through art that is your kind of beautiful.

    Please just comment below and tell me a little about the deserving mother, (no names or tagging necessary), and I will announce on Friday, May 5th, who's nominations will get the free prints. I will send you the prints via email- and you can gift to your nominee - in your own way.

    Thank you - and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Love, Kamie
  • Why I Love Instant Downloads

    What I love most about digital (JPG) files is that you receive them instantly, you have the files forever, you can print as many times as you'd like, and print in various means. Additionally, you don't have to pay for shipping or any extra for my cost to print and ship.

    My website is filled with affordable prints that you can instantly download, instantly upload to your favorite photo shop, and print. Or - just print from home!

  • Order Your Custom Mother's Day Gift

    If you would like a custom Mother's Day Drawing- I will be accepting orders through Wednesday 5/3! Get your mom a gift she can have forever- and is uniquely hers.

    If interested, please email me at kamie@dillydesignsart.com to get your order going! Feel free and ask me any questions or requests - I want to create YOUR dream portrait. #yourkindofbeautiful

    Love, Kamie

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  • Graduation and Mother's Day Gifts - Instant Download

    I was going to draw this really awesome, detailed, and colorful graduation announcement- but when I drew the outline of the girl- I really liked her. There is just something about the simplicity of it all- that I didn’t want to change. It let’s the words speak loud and be known- without the complexity or flashiness. I fell in love with the pencil look- and just slightly expanded on it.

    I made the graduate gift into a customized print for only $9 –
  • Free Calendar Printables - My Gift To You

    I wouldn’t be where I am today without YOU. Thank you!!!

    Whenever I get discouraged- I have to remember how fast and far this journey has led me- and it’s because of my amazing customers.

    So- I have a special gift for everyone– whether you are customer or just in passing- to say THANK YOU.
  • The Name Behind Dilly Designs

    I am going to let you all in on a very personal part of Dilly Designs. (Okay- this could be a long story- but I will keep it short for the time being.)

    I'm sure as all of you know- "Dilly Dilly" became quite popular when the new Cinderella came out. Cinderella was always my favorite movie as a kid, (and I am not ashamed to say as an adult, too), and I fell in love with the new movie just as much. This movie came out right after I "thought" I had a miscarriage- but was actually carrying my youngest, Avie. She surprised us at 18 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, but devastatingly decided to enter this world at 27 weeks gestation.
  • Why, Hello!

    I am beyond excited that our paths have crossed!

    My name is Kamie, and I am the owner and artist of Dilly Designs! As I said in my 'About' page, Dilly Designs has grown quickly in just a matter of months- and my prints and invitations have been purchased around the WORLD. (I keep pinching myself!) I am beyond grateful and ecstatic- and I can't wait to see where this venture takes me.